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Since 1993 and on invitation from different art institutions, the artist group WochenKlausur develops concrete proposals aimed at small, but nevertheless effective improvements to socio-political deficiencies. Proceeding even further and invariably translating these proposals into action, artistic creativity is no longer seen as a formal act but as an intervention into society.

2006 Leeds GB Intervention to overcome social barriers  
2006 Limerick IRL A cinema for immigrants  
2006 Leipzig D Choice of work  
2005 The Hague NL Discussion platform for city political issues
2005 Chicago USA Furnishing social institutions  
2004 Helsingborg S     Perception of subcultures  
2003 Vienna A Workshop for the occupational qualification of former drug abusers  
2003 Graz A Activity program for a nursing home  
2002 Stockholm S Voting Systems  
2001 Styria A Community development “from place to place”  
2000 Nuremberg D Public Debate  
2000 Krems A Civic participation in the design of public space  
2000 Fukuoka J Project teaching in schools  
1999 Venice I Language schools in the Balkan War  
1998 Linz A Upcycling cooperative  
1998 Berlin D Initiatives for unemployed people  
1997 Ottensheim A Participatory community development  
1996 Salzburg A Improving conditions in deportation detention  
1996 Vienna A School classroom design  
1995 Graz A Immigrant labor issues  
1994 Civitella I   Senior center  
1994 Zurich CH Shelter for drug-addicted women  
1993 Vienna A Medical care for homeless people
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