Traiskirchen (A) * 2021 * Cultural Initiatives Committee * 10 weeks

Initiative of established former refugees to represent the interests of people currently seeking protection.

Sometimes only a few things are missing to lead a life in dignity in a new country. A scholarship perhaps, a place to live or a crucial contact. Therefore an initiative of now established former refugees make use of their contacts. They intervene in specific cases in order to tackle obstacles that might seem impossible to overcome and thus optimize integration into the new homeland. If for example a Somali carpenter does not find a job because techniques used here differ from his previous experience, a scholarship could help to make use of his artisan skills in a local carpentry workshop while at the same time a local business can learn and profit as well. Or if a student from Afghanistan has problems with the nostrification of her previous medical knowledge, perhaps the documents can be sorted according to other criteria. If unaccompanied minors lack opportunities for get-togethers, sports and contact, the advocacy group could try to find care in a summer camp for them.

However, the initiatives primary concern is speaking out politically. Not in favor of a specific party but instead by raising their voices to represent people who are powerless to communicate their issues in other ways.


Claudia Eipeldauer, Karin Gruber, Kilian Hanappi, Bert Wagner, Wolfgang Zinggl